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February 2019
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In this episode, I sit down with Justin Gilchrist, who is an expert when it comes to buying and selling websites, along with owning Flipfilter.comexitplan.co, and Centurica.com, all of which focus around the topic of buying and selling websites.

If you're interested in buying and selling sites, I definitely recommend taking a look at Justin's sites.

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In this episode, I interview 3 separate entrepreneurs who are all doing thousands of dollars per month on Amazon. These guys are all members of our private Amazon selling community called AzonMasters. We interviewed them and combined their stories together into one podcast session answering some of the most common questions people have about getting started selling on Amazon.

In this interview, you’ll learn the techniques that have worked and what hasn’t for Jakub, Steven, and Brunno, along with their plans for growing their businesses in the future.

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In this podcast episode I fly solo while answering common questions about a business I’ve been building on the side selling private label physical products on Amazon.com (my own brand). I've been selling on Amazon.com for less than 3 months and I’m already on track for a six figure+ business. I hit the $10k in the last 30 days mark recently and that’s from only one product.

I still have 9 and a half months to scale sales to an even greater level before the one year anniversary of my first sale on Amazon.com. I started this business because I was inspired by Podcast 17 guest Brian Leyde who in less than one year built a much much larger Amazon business. I’m completely confident that this will be a solid six figure revenue business with the potential to go even beyond that.

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In this podcast episode my new co-host, Casey Ames, and I interview Matt Stone. Matt is not only a Kindle book author, but also has an indie publishing company and a book promotion website.

In this episode we discuss Kindle marketing strategies, how Matt is using 99 cent books to make money on Amazon, and much more.

There is also an opportunity for you to make some money being an affiliate for Matt's website BuckBooks.net.

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In this podcast episode I interview Matthew Paulson, who is an expert in getting visitors to his website in ways that you probably aren't familiar with.

In this episode, we cover what websites Matthew is running, how he's getting traffic to these websites by being a news outlet, and how you can do the same thing.

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In this podcast episode I interview Spencer Haws about Vylo a project he started with his team member Perrin.

Vylo is a voice chat software, marketed specifically to gamers, but is also useful to anyone who needs to create a chat room.

We discuss how they got it up and running, their monetization strategies and what marketing techniques they are using the grow the software.

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In this podcast episode I interview Chris Ducker an entrepreneur and expert on using virtual assistants in your business. In my own professional and personal life, letting go and hiring on others to work on my business has given me more free time and helped me dramatically grow my business which is precisely why you’ve gotta hear what Chris has to say in this podcast episode.

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In this podcast episode I interview Brian Leyde who in less than one year is pulling in over $100,000 in profit per month selling physical products on Amazon.com.

March 2014 he's on track for $400,000 in sales and ~$250,000 in profit.

Brian's success story is amazing and as he shows in this interview, the business model of selling physical products on Amazon has huge potential to scale.

If you'd like to sell physical products on Amazon and avoid all of the hassles and headaches of shipping out product, dealing with refunds etc you'll love this episode.

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In this podcast episode I interview Jeremy Schoemaker aka ShoeMoney as he is more commonly known online.

In this episode I speak with Jeremy about how he used the platform of his blog to help launch and sell an ad network for millions of dollars. We also discuss his failures as well and how losing focus on some projects cost him millions of dollars. Overall Jeremy is one of the most open entrepreneurs that I know of and this shows through in this podcast episode.

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Building a community based website can be incredibly rewarding and challenging. So in this podcast episode I interview Josh Dorkin founder of BiggerPockets.com – a real estate community website with over 110,000 members. His community also receives over 500,000 unique visitors per month.

But it’s not all about big membership numbers and traffic for Josh, instead it’s about the community. In this interview Josh shares the successes and failures he’s experienced from working on BiggerPockets.com for over 8 and a half years! There are great lessons to be had here so listen in.

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